Celebrating ‘independent’ fashion

Who doesn’t love the excitement of finding something special is an independent fashion boutique? Don’t get me wrong, high street is the backbone of our fashion industry in Wales, but there’s something special about the unknown behind the doors of a unique boutique.

It’s not an outer body experience as such – although it can come close :) – it’s just the feeling of finding something special or different which gives you a real fashion boost.

Many of us head straight for the independents when we’ve got an occasion coming up. Most of us don’t want to turn up at a do wearing the same as someone else. And that’s the danger of high street. I’ve done it. Went to a party and someone else had the same dress. You have to embrace the clash and dance the night away regardless – but it really isn’t the best!

The other beauty of the independent is the customer service. The owner is often on site and really wants the best for you. She wants you to choose well because she wants you to come back. You pay her mortgage, you feed her kids!

We know there are some cracking independent stores around Cardiff and Wales and in Cardiff Fashion Week 2017, we are dedicating an independent space on the catwalk and shopping village to show off, celebrate and support those fashion finds that stock the brands we love to wear.

So if you are an independent with a big personality but a limited marketing budget, then Cardiff Fashion Week is calling out for you. That’s one of our promises – to provide a platform that is accessible to all showing the real variety of fashion in Wales. That’s what gives it depth and interest and difference.