SELF – by the University of South Wales

SELF” is a collaboration of fashion designers from the University of South Wales alumni and final year students. Each designer is trying to highlight the conversation of gender identity becoming blurred and pushing the boundaries to be accepted whatever, whoever, wherever and whenever you are. To just be yourSELF.

The designers see gender as not biologically intrinsic, but socially taught. So using this concept, the designers have interpreted “SELF” in their own unique way.

Llen Hembrow’s SELF collection, is about putting yourself wherever you feel comfortable within the binary of male and female. Tailoring is used as a huge influence on designs, with attention to details and perfect engineering of garments. Llen’s fabrics are used to illustrate the bridging of the gap between the traditional tailoring and the contemporary society we live in, where sustainability is the future of fashion.

Melanie Yau, has created a unisex collection that has the combination of Chinese and Japanese cultures. Intricate origami placement that anybody can wear. Making fashion art.

Lilian Vonda Clare Sutton’s interpretation of the concept SELF is that the clothes we wear are like a second skin, so they should act the same, with garments adjusting and altering to fit individual shapes as people age and grow.

Other designers being featured in SELF are Zaynub Qayoom, Bethany Fletcher and Molly Owen.

The university is excited to be part of Cardiff Fashion week showcasing the accumulation of the designers’ hard work as part of the BA Hons Fashion Design course. Along with supporting the future of fashion and emerging talent that could raise the profile of Cardiff as a fashion capital.