Carmarthen School of Art joins CFW 2017

Our catwalk theme for Cardiff Fashion Week 2017….

Since the 1980’s Avant-garde Japanese fashion has transformed the world of couture. This new wave of conceptual designing, which embraced the language of deconstruction in its nonconformist state, which is still very much felt in the fashion industry today.

Key visionaries such as Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto have led the way in redefining our notions of beauty and expression within fashion, employing their somewhat radical concepts to defy convention. A force which unites Japanese design is the attention to material exploration, transforming fabric, form and pattern cutting techniques.

Denim and Jersey are two fabrics that hold two very different properties – one having a structural solid quality. These qualities, coupled with the notion of Japanese fashion will make for an interesting combination of styles.

About us….

Carmarthen School of Art supports the most promising students studying within West Wales; we give them the valuable opportunity to learn design and garment construction techniques.

We stand committed to providing a strong technical platform for fashion designers to flourish with accomplished technical skills whilst carrying out garment design and production to the highest of industry standards.

And here’s some background on what students can expect to learn at the school….

• Students have explore pattern cutting techniques; shape and silhouette; drapery and folding techniques such as origami in order to develop your design work.
● gather visual research and analyse trends in order to produce an established range of fashion design concepts
● establish knowledge and proficiency when interpreting design concepts through flat pattern cutting and/or modelling on the garment stand
● show effective use of production processes and display a broad range of accomplished technical skills whilst carrying out garment production to industry standard