EthEco design at Cardiff Fashion Week

Independent EthEco design Haus Scarlet Etoile, has been making waves with the Big Blues, (as part of their ‘into the blue’ collection of conscious clothing). Using unusual re-contextualised materials, as well as natural organic fabrics with creative construction techniques.  It is not just about impact, it is about the physical and the intangible heritage of what we wear, how we wear it and why, it is a matter of perception and perspective.

The Big Blues are truly and deeply statement pieces, in the original sense.  Highlighting the destructive impact of fast fashion and the commercial garment industry upon the worlds water quality and health. ‘Each and every one of us, need to be aware of the choices we make as consumers and the consequential effects of those choices’. With an increasingly enormous quantity of barely used resource hungry items ending up in landfill, and deep sea creatures ingesting synthetic microfiber particles (which are released when fabrics are washed). It is time to really reconsider the true cost of clothing upon consumers, including factors of latent pollution and its impact upon the health of global society and our environment.

The worlds waterways, lakes, oceans and seas are as life giving as they are inspirational, reminding us of the eternal ebb, flow, and flux of existence itself. In an era where almost everyone is virtually connected we are often less mindful of the physical real life connections and consequential effects of our deeds, desires and decisions.

Scarlet Etoile focus on creating individual items of clothing, with each entirely unique piece being completely designed and hand made in Wales.  Constructed with care for our environment and a concern for social conscience, the bespoke methods used in crafting every piece minimise waste, allowing us to tread more lightly upon the earth.

With the ‘Daughters of White Memory’ IRL tour we have been reflecting upon the interactions between the wearer and what is being worn, the connections of place and heritage between people and the material objects we choose to use to define ourselves. How we re-contextualise the material world and immaterial ideas to fit a standard (or to stand out), is a choice we make.  We personalise, we adapt, we change and rearrange to make our individual appearance a reflection, not of what we are, but what we wish to be. But the future is as yet unwritten, and so make of it what you will, be mindful of intention, heed the lessons of the past, be true to what is truly important, for those are the things which will last.

The Daughters of White Memory in collection created, collated restated, the spectrum of pure essence, torn and reborn, by a filament of light shed upon converging temporal renegotiations.

Where each item is made from many things, the reconfiguration of what was and what has been consumed and dis-guarded to become recounted and included within the narrative of the fabrication of form. A form that feeds from function and use rather than superficial face value, or aesthetical surface judgements.  Fabricated forms that have deep physical and metaphysical meanings with a heritage of depth, containing the question of ever changing context, amidst the ebb and flow of the transitory nature of human expression.