Out of Sync in sync with Cardiff Fashion Week 2020

Out of Sync is a bold womenswear brand, launched in 2019.

Founded by three family members who proudly acknowledge themselves as perfectly ‘out of sync’, the team is made up of Jackie Lewis and her two daughters Kate and Meg. Together, they collaborate on a diverse range of individual ideas to produce unexpected and unconventional designs. Their artistic vision is to create identifiable pieces using playful prints and textiles.

The Out of Sync woman loves to travel, explore and experience culture. She is stylish and appreciates distinct design details which reflect her self-expression and individuality. The three women design for other like-minded women who appreciate meticulous quality in craftsmanship and who feel a special bond with the clothes that they wear and who are not afraid to be ‘out of sync’ with the crowd.

Each item from Out of Sync has been personally designed, cut and constructed in the team’s Cardiff studio. They value eco-conscious fashion and recycle fabric off cuts into smaller accessories such as hair scrunchies. Their packaging is eco-friendly and made from recycled resources and they are committed to continuing efforts to be environmentally and ethically responsible.

Jackie, Kate and Meg and are proud to be championing Wales and is thankful to all those supporting a small local business that is just a little, well, ‘Out of Sync’.