Paris inspired Pad Decco – a guest blog

As some of you may have seen in store, Pad Deco introduced a small fashion collection earlier this year called ‘Pad Deco Style’, this was our first venture into the world of fashion design and super exciting for us.

On our travels we had discovered a fantastic textile designer in Paris who was designing for the large haute couture houses such as Chanel and Dior and we managed to secure some beautiful lengths of boucle in a variety of colours so that we could create a small number of very special pieces. Like children in a candy shop we also discovered this beautiful little Atelier in Paris that was making beautiful trimmings and vintage embellishments, of course we couldn’t say no having discovered our beautiful fabric, we needed the exquisite trimmings to adorn it….

We have been working with a fashion designer in Sussex for a number of years who has been teaching some workshops for us on fashion and design, we approached her to work with us in creating two or three interchangeable styles where we could take a classic style such as Chanel and make it rock with some clever embellishments and accessories. The collection consists of three differently designed jackets a smart pencil skirt and some sassy shorts!

Our accessories collection sees the creation of our beautiful silk velvet corsages made using traditional French flower making techniques, some of which include gorgeous feathers and Swarovski crystals. We have also launched a collection of collars and cuffs with cool trims such as leopard, vintage buttons and pearls that can be worn with denim for a sleek smart casual look or with your going out gear to add glamour and extra design flair.

Pad Deco is super excited to be involved with Cardiff Fashion Week for the first time not just because it gives us the chance to show our collections but because we are great supporters of all creative pursuits; we are particularly interested in being part of something that gives a platform to immerging talent and we totally cant wait to be in the midst of what we know is going to be a ‘sparkling’ week.